Foodie Roundup #1911: Protests, revamps and when not to eat at restaurants

As the world goes green for St. Patrick's Day, here's your early morning roundup for the week.

Before you hit the road for St. Patrick’s Day, here’s Foodie Roundup #1911 with another helping of food stories from the past week.

There’ll be shamrocks everywhere (including in Croke Park thanks to Ballyhale – hon the Cats), leprechaun hats, parades, green pints and all the rest that goes with today.

For me, it’s an early start (or late night, depending on how your clock works) but in time for your breakfast, here’s this week’s roundup.

In case you missed it, the Ulster winners of the Irish Restaurant Awards were announced this week.

Check out the winners from Antrim, Armagh, Cavan, Derry, Donegal, Down, Fermanagh, Monaghan and Tyrone.

Foodie Roundup #1911 (to Sunday 17 March, 2019)

  1. Heron & Grey is gone, long live Heron & Grey. Now, as Liath opens its doors, the Irish Times has a first look at their €160,000 revamp in Blackrock.
  2. Working conditions and tips at The Ivy in Dublin were the subject of protest earlier in the week, via The Journal.
  3. We are now producing and consuming more food than ever, and yet our modern diet is killing us, says Bee Wilson for The Guardian.
  4. Todd Plummer looks at a raft of new vegan restaurants in Dublin for Vogue, if that’s your thing.
  5. Mother’s Day is approaching – but it’s not the day to eat at a restaurant according to Insider.
  6. Erika Sanger for Ireland Before You Die pitches her history of Irish food in a long read.
  7. There’s a double mention for Kilkenny (again, hon the Cats) in the ‘Times with Mutonics (half Kilkenny) and the School of Food included among ten of the most exciting on the scene right now.
  8. The Guild of Fine Food have bestowed Ireland’s own Sheridan’s Cheesemongers as their shop of the year.
  9. The Misunderstood Heron – one of the best names for a food truck, and an Irish one at that – has been named among the best in the world.
  10. With the weekend that’s in it, it seems Guinness is still Ireland’s most valuable brand.

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Outside of the latest round of winners from this year’s #foodoscars, Donegal chef Brian McDermott is also back with a new book for 2019.

As always, if you’ve got a story to tell, say hello.

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