Irish Food Events Calendar 2020: Food Festivals & Events in Ireland

Upcoming Irish Food Events & Festivals calendar

This is a growing list of key Irish food events and food festivals taking place across 2020.

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Note that events marker TBC have unconfirmed dates at time of writing.

Given the ongoing restrictions around public gatherings and indoor events, those listed September through December should all be considered TBC and will be updated accordingly.

Last updated: Sunday, October 11, 2020

January Food Events 2020

February Food Events 2020

March Food Events 2020

April Food Events 2020

Note that events in Ireland in 2020 that facilitate gatherings of over 5,000 people are cancelled until September 2020. Other events are entirely subject to social distancing guidelines and may not be taking place, despite no official confirmation of same.

May Food Events 2020

June Food Events 2020

July Food Events 2020

August Food Events 2020

September Food Events 2020

October Food Events 2020

November Food Events 2020

December Food Events 2020

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