Foodie Roundup #1901: 10 stories from across the week

10 stories at 10am to join your Sunday mug of coffee.

If 2018 was the year I got Ken On Food up and running, 2019 is the year I finish the transition from Any Given Food – the Foodie Roundup is back.

A post series I really enjoyed putting together a few years ago was the weekly Foodie Roundup. It pulled together news stories and posts from other food bloggers to go with your Sunday cuppa.

I’m bringing it back for 2019 so here’s the first Foodie Roundup of the year with ten stories to kick off your Sunday.

Foodie Roundup #1901: Week 1 (to Sunday 6 January)

  1. Kenneth Goh writes in the Michelin Guide about his 5 food trends to look for in 2019 with the Pacific Rim looking set to be the “it” region for culinary inspirations.
  2. Joanna Blythman in The Guardian tells us to forget the takeaways, the meals out – and all those overambitious cookbooks. We should instead shake up our sopping and start cooking to get better at healthy eating.
  3. In blog land, Cider Explorer puts Kikenny’s Highbank Orchards Medieval Cider into their top 10 ciders of 2018. I’ve enjoyed a few bottles of it previously and they’re right on the money. If you’re a cider fan, give the other 9 a try too.
  4. Kilian Fox writes on the Irish Food Renaissance in the Financial Times (free access for now), with Ireland’s national cuisine being redefined thanks to a growing number of ambitious chefs.
  5. One US school is telling parents to stop dropping off fast food for their students, writes Jessica Bies in the Delaware News Journal.
  6. It looks like early versions of Canada’s national nutrition guide is cutting dairy out almost entirely. They used to recommend four full servings a day, that’s been cut to one small quantity, scrapping chees, yoghurt and dairy products outside of milk, writes Elizabeth Keith at Narcity.
  7. The future is here, or at least in the US. Robert Ferris at CNBC takes a quick look at GM’s linkup with Door Dash for autonomous food deliveries. Seemingly Ford and Domino’s Pizza are at it too.
  8. Katy McGuinness is looking at Ireland’s Top 30 healthy food experiences to try in 2019 in this weekend’s Independent. Anyone for goat curry?
  9. Gerarld C. Nelson has an opinion piece in the Washington Post on the global food problem not being what you think. From micronutrient deficiencies to increasing productivity, something’s got to change.
  10. Lastly, Diya Kohli at has an interview with author Rujuta Diwekar on her new book Notes For Healthy Kids. In it she maps the way ahead for a common sens approach to good health for children.
Food on a chopping board. Photo: Katie Smith
Food on a chopping board. Photo: Katie Smith

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