Foodie Roundup #1912

Those of you with a hunger for something different should love the Norwegian story.

I tell you something for nothing – that week flew. So much so, it’s already time for Foodie Roundup #1912.

You can check out the archive for past roundups here, with today’s post bringing the story count to 120.

It’s a pretty late edition too.

Sunday morning kicked off with a trip to Toast of Thomastown (more on that during the week) followed by a stop off at the School of Food’s Street Food Festival.

So by the time I get home, get through a Sunday and get back to the papers, it’s nearly Monday.

But, before it’s too late, here’s Foodie Roundup #1912.

Foodie Roundup #1912 (to Sunday 24 March)

Ken McGuire

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