Podcast #007: Gerald Costello, Costello’s Brewing Company

Costellos Brewing Company are getting set to roll out the lowest calorie lager produced in the country.

It’s done with spelt.

To get the lowdown, I paid a trip to Costello’s in Kilkenny, currently the only functioning brewery in Kilkenny.

In continuing a tradition long established with breweries like Sullivan’s and Smithwick’s before him, Gerald Costello is about to mark five years of Costello’s Brewing Company.

Over the course of an hour we’ll chat about

  • Where Costello’s are at these days and what’s happening in the brewery
  • A shift in focus from their first product and adapting to the market
  • The testing and development of their new spelt lager
  • An influence from Reinheitsgebot, the German beer purity law
  • What the future holds in Kilkenny and beyond
  • The upcoming Kilkenny Craft Beer Festival

Ken On Food Post: Costello’s Brewing Company

If you’re a beer nerd, beer nut or curious about craft beer, give this one a listen.

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