Foodie Roundup #1910: From food fraud to virtual brands

It's Sunday morning, stick the kettle on.

From the shores of Lough Talt, Sligo, here’s Foodie Roundup #10.

It’s been a whirlwind visit to Sligo, getting up on Friday night – breakfast at Nook on Saturday morning, dinner at Eala Bhán last night and home again as soon as I hit publish here.

But it’s been worth it – those write ups are coming later in the week.

While I watch sheets of hail pelt the lake, I’ve been going through the food pages for the week to pull out ten reads for your Sunday morning.

So, for edition 10 of 2019, here’s this week’s roundup.

Foodie Roundup #1910 (to Sunday 10 March)

Breakfast of the Week

While there’s a separate write up to follow on this weekend’s trip to Sligo, I’m just going to leave this here.

While you’re here

Check out the growing list of Irish food festivals and events with over 50 big events still to come this year.

You can add your own to the list by emailing me at any time.

I’ve also added a growing list of guided food tours of Ireland and the developing best restaurants in Ireland list off the back of this week’s Irish Restaurant Awards.

Big thanks again to for their Blog of the Month feature.

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