Ken on Food hits the radio – who’s up for a chat?

Bringing food back to the airwaves in June

It’s about time I married up all things food and radio in 2019.

This year’s been a pretty busy one behind the scenes, especially in radio land, but there’s some fun abound on the food front.

Kicking off Wednesday 19 June for an initial 12-part run, Ken on Food hits the radio with Anocht Restaurant and the Kilkenny Design Centre Foodhall.

Over the course of 12 weeks I’ll be joined on air (as part of my regular daytime show) for feature interviews with a wide range of food producers and suppliers local to me in Kilkenny.

More to Savour

Then in July, running parallel, there’ll be another injection of food into the show exploring different eateries around Kilkenny, talking to restaurant and café owners, all leading up to a special event with Savour Kilkenny in October.

But more on that next week.

The show, by the way, is KCLR Drive, weekdays from 3pm for tunes, chats, live music, and for the summer – plenty of food.

So how do I listen?

Well, you can do one of two things. Either listen live on the day – and it’s likely to be Wednesday’s around 4.10pm for the feature chat slot on the show – or get the jump and subscribe to the podcast.

Existing subscribers may notice a hard artwork and content refresh in advance in a few days.

But wait… there’s more?

Well, yes. There’s more.

If you’re up for the conversation, I’d love to chat. Be it live over the phone, in studio, over a cup of coffee, pre-recorded, come what may.

I know my content calendar up to the beginning of September so I’m looking at doing a couple of things, namely

  • programming beyond September
  • programming in extra / bonus episodes

If you’re involved in the food sector, drinks sector, running a restaurant or café anywhere in the country and you’ve got a story to tell, I’d love to chat.

Ken On Food Podcast: The Latest Episode

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Ken McGuire

Digital media head now mixing it up in the world of broadcast media. Formerly Any Given Food (2010-2015), calling the food haven that is Kilkenny home. Award-winning podcaster turned broadcaster, find me on air weekdays 3-5.30pm on KCLR Drive.

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