The popularity of veganism is on the rise with Ireland ranked third in Europe

Also, are those most curious about veganism hanging out in Bray?

Have you ever wondered about the popularity of veganism?

For Ireland, it turns out it’s pretty high. So high in fact that Ireland ranks third in Europe and eighth in the world for the popularity of veganism.

All of this according to Chef’s Pencil and their breakdown of Google Trends around veganism.

Perhaps the people of Wicklow are bit more keen, but Bray ranks highest in terms of interest among cities and towns, followed by Galway, Dublin, Cork and Waterford in a top five ranking.

Surveying the popularity of veganism

According to Corina at Chef’s Pencil, Google has a big part of play in the results.

“We have used Google Trends, a great source of big data, to analyze the search interest level for veganism across the world.”

“In 2018, searches in the Veganism category, which comprises vegan-related searches made in any language (e.g. veganism, vegan restaurants, vegan rezepte), was at an all-time high.”

But how does it all work?

“For example, if Google assigns a 100 score to Australia for veganism searches and a 78 score for the United States, it means that the percentage of Aussies who searched for veganism is much higher than the percentage of Americans searching for the same topic.”

“It doesn’t mean that, in absolute terms, there were more searches for veganism in Australia compared to the US – this would be quite unusual as Australia has a population 10 times smaller than the US.”

While Ireland trails behind the UK, Sweden, Canada, the overall ranking for our fair country is up three places from 11th in 2017.

Top 10 countries for popularity of veganism

  1. Australia (Score 100)
  2. United Kingdom (Score 98)
  3. New Zealand (Score 87)
  4. Sweden (Score 84)
  5. Canada (Score 79)
  6. Israel (Score 78)
  7. United States (Score 65)
  8. Ireland (Score 62)
  9. Austria (Score 60)
  10. Germany (Score 59)

With veganism, flexi-veganism, or flexitarianism among the top trends for 2019, would you echo the thougts that veganism is on the rise in Ireland?

Have your say in the comments below.

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