Podcast #006: Seamus O’Hara, Carlow Brewing Company

My guest in studio this week for the Ken On Food podcast is Seamus O’Hara of the Carlow Brewing Company.

If you’re not familiar with the Carlow Brewing name, you might be more familiar with O’Hara’s beers.

From their base in Bagenalstown, Co. Carlow, they produce a wide range including an Irish stout, red ale, dry-hopped Irish pale ale, the Leann Folláin extra Irish stout and much more.

They’re also responsible for Falling Apple cider and in recent times picked up Wicklow-based Craigies, going on to release two rosé ciders.

Seamus was good enough to give me 20 minutes out of his busy schedule to sit down in studio and look at how Carlow Brewing got their start, what’s changed over 20 years and what they’re up to at present.

The midway point

With podcast six, the on air element for Ken On Food (Wednesday’s at 4.10pm on KCLR Drive) is at the midway point, continuing with thanks to Anocht Restaurant and the Kilkenny Design Foodhall.

It’s at this stage that the podcast will start to expand, with an extra installment and long-listen dropping this Sunday.

The beer conversation will continue but if you’ve got a story you would like to share – or be willing to share – let me know.

Get in touch today by emailing ken@kenonfood.com to say hi.

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