Podcast #001: Julie Calder-Potts, Highbank Orchards

It turns out you can build the mighty of products from apples.

Julie Calder-Potts of Highbank Orchards, Kilkenny, is first up for the new Ken On Food podcast series.

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As artisan growers, the Calder-Potts know their stuff. They’ve been organic since the 90s with no chemicals, herbicides or chemical fertilizers used.

Anything they touch at Highbank seems to turn to gold – no pun intended. From the award-winning orchard syrup (and its infinite uses) to medieval cider, to apple cider vinegar, to the addition of their micro-distillery in recent years.

It all adds up.

Have a listen to what they’re up to these days in the first of the podcast series.

Podcast #001: Julie Calder-Potts

The conversations are live on KCLR on Wednesday afternoons just after 4pm with Anocht Restaurant.

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