Foodie Roundup #1904: 10 stories from across the week

Pay day has come and gone, we’ve a few Euro again to buy the Sunday papers but if you’re looking for online reads, here’s ten from across the week.

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Foodie Roundup #1904: Week 4 (to Sunday 27 January)

  1. Mad for a coffee? Katy McGuinness goes through 50 of the best coffee shops in Ireland in the Independent.
  2. If you’re living in Dublin, you can now shop online with Lidl and have it delivered to your home, according to Lauren Kelly in the Sun.
  3. Kate Bernot has a strange one – San Antonio police telling hotel guests NOT to order food from flyers dropped to their room. Ask about for local knowledge instead is their advice.
  4. Kat Thompson on Thrillist says “breakfast food” is not a thing. You want fish for breakfast, eat fish for breakfast.
  5. Our food system is no longer fit for the 21st century. Here are three ways to fix it, according to Ellen MacArthur at the World Economic Forum annual meeting.
  6. Dr. Michael HB Hayes has a long read in the Examiner on how Ireland could be a leader in green food production.
  7. The Journal have the lowdown on the dirtiest takeaways in Ireland from 2018. Where does your county feature?
  8. Marie O’Halloran has a piece in the Irish Times where the reduction in food waste was raised in the Dáil.
  9. If you’ve had a rough Friday or Saturday on the beer, you might be in need of a hangover cureEsquire looks at a few.
  10. Flexi-veganism is in. Is that where we’re really headed?

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