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Raise a glass to the end of Dry January for 2019

So we've made it to the end of January without a beer and it turns out the world didn't collapse.

Dry January is almost done.

February lands on Friday, the first of the month and there’s a bottle of wine to be had. It’s already picked out.

Actually, there’s a bottle to be had on Saturday as well, one I’ve been saving for a while. Then it’s back to business as usual.

Observations from the month

I didn’t save a fortune, that’s for sure. But that’s linked to my drinking habits anyway. On nights out, getting a round in is exactly the same. Only my round was a non-alcoholic pint.

It turns out I’m not a big fan of Heineken Zero, but I’ll happily sink a few Paulanner or Erdinger in their non-alcoholic variety.

Two unforeseen call-outs as well on the work also meant being able to hop in the car and get where I was needed – not an option if you’ve got a beer in you.

I also slept like a baby. Particularly around the weekends when most of my drink consumption happens. Early to bed, early-ish to rise, uninterrupted sleep.

There’s an awful lot to be said for that.

Giving up alcohol altogether

As we hit the end of the month I’ve read a few articles already with people going vegan for the month and deciding that’s the way of the future.

Unless there’s some medical reason for me to abandon alcohol altogether, it’s just not going to happen.

Midweek drinking is barely a thing any more, particularly the way driving laws are heading in Ireland.

Having moved house in 2018 and having a much longer journey (most costly too if you’re looking for taxi) to town, I’m getting used to the non-alcoholic pints as a means of being able to drive home at night.

But give up the few glasses of wine with the cheese board at home or forgetting about a whiskey or gin around the table? No chance.

PS: There’s still plenty of time to get your February events over to me for the diary posts coming up at the weekend.

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