The hunt is on for the Best Brunch in Ireland

The Georgina Campbell Guide is on the hunt for Ireland's best brunch, with nominations open now.

With the Irish Breakfast Awards on the horizon, the search is on for the best brunch in Ireland.

A wonderful excuse to eat for those you are too lazy for breakfast but can’t wait until lunch, brunch is that witching hour between both that has become a meal time in itself.

Nominations are open to the public and establishments in all 32 counties in Ireland.

The Irish Breakfast Awards are run yearly in association with Fáilte Ireland and this year, brunch is very much on the cards. As organisers say themselves, it’s “far more than Instagrammable eggs and avocado on toast”.

Submit your nomination for the Best Brunch in Ireland

You can make your submissions now via email to with the subject line ‘Irish Dairy The Complete Natural Brunch Award Nomination’. You must include

  1. Your Full Name & Address and phone number
  2. Your county
  3. Name of establishment you’re nominating
  4. A paragraph (max 300 words) outlining why you’re nominating the brunch at this establishment – what makes it so special or enjoyable, how good, innovative or unique the brunch offering is, the local and other quality ingredients used, the level of service etc. Give us as much detail as possible!
  5. A photograph, which illustrates your reason for nominating this establishment. Menu in support of nomination also welcome.

Nominations for the 2019 awards close on Tuesday 29 January at 11pm with the winners announced in February.

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