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Yes, there’s now a toasted sandwich festival in Ireland

All is well in the world when there's tea and toast on offer.

Yes, a toasted sandwich festival is a real thing.

College days in the early noughties were a hazy mix of lectures, nights out and toasted sandwiches. I can still remember one of the evenings from first year in WIT, heading back down on the train early with a friend only to wind up eating a sliced pan’s worth of toasted sandwiches between us.

You know the little triangle-making-scald-you-with-cheese type sandwich presses? Those were the days.

Now, we’ve got ourselves a toasted sandwich festival and it’s happening next month. Imagine then my delight at hearing that this is something of a reality. While we’re not talking Electric Picnic level of festivaling, it’s sure to turn a few eyebrows towards the east coast.

Enter the Harbour Bar Toastie Festival

If you’re a fan of the old toasted sandwich, one bar in Wicklow is taking thing to a new level by producing the Harbour Bar Toastie Festival in November.

“Join us for Ireland’s first Toastie Festival from Friday 3rd November to Sunday 5th November. A celebration of a Harbour Bar classic, our humble ham and cheese toastie. A firm favourite to go with that post Cliff Walk well-earned pint or perfect pot of tea.”

“Throughout the festival there will be the classic ham and cheese offering alongside some more adventurous fillings to try. Plus free tea top ups too.”

“Snag a seat by one of the Harbour Bar’s roaring fires or cosy up out front for outside service.”

Toasted Sandwich Festival Details

Check out the bar’s Facebook page for more details and chalk 3-5 November down in your diaries for some tea and toasted sandwich goodness.

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