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Transitioning from Any Given Food, at last, says he

I'm making room on Ken On Food for some older blog posts and recipes.

It’s time to begin the transition from Any Given Food.

Somewhat surprisingly, a good two years stagnant, Any Given Food is still getting its fair share of traffic.

Over Christmas it was getting a fair share of questions too. While it’s certainly served as a good archive, it’s time to start making the move.

A wee history lesson

Before life began as Ken On Food, there was Any Given Food.

I started the blog in 2010, having initially started out with posting food snaps to Tumblr (before Instagram was a big deal).

Through the blog I was introduced to festivals, speakers, movers, makers, producers and more. I’ve got notebooks and drives full of notes, stories, photos and recipes – some published, but more just “resting in my account.”

2018 (2017 if you’re being technical) I made the switch to Ken On Food, having left AGF about 18 months idle, possibly longer.

It was good while it lasted, but I really wanted another crack at the food blog whip. Some forward-planning for 2019 and I think I’m off to a good start.

Now, the process it to select the posts, do a bit of search engine magic, get them listed here as part of the archive and crack on. In some cases, I’ll revisit recipes altogether with new photos and a twist on ingredients and methods.

Welcoming aboard old content

I’ve got a spreadsheet for the blog that’s going to get me through 2019.

Part of this is a revisiting of content from Any Given Food – old recipe posts, some more of the evergreen articles, book reviews, that kind of thing.

When all is said and done, I’ll retire it altogether.

In the meantime you can look back at what was at

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Ken McGuire

Digital media head now mixing it up in the world of broadcast media. Formerly Any Given Food (2010-2015), calling the food haven that is Kilkenny home. Award-winning podcaster turned broadcaster, find me on air weekdays 3-5.30pm on KCLR Drive.

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