Festivals & Events

Planning some food events and festival trips soon?

There's plenty to come between now and next year.

Start filling your diaries.

I’m making my new years resolutions early. Get to at least one food event a month, wherever it may be. Simple enough.

I tried it with theatre in the past, worked a charm. For 2017 it’s been all about gigs and shows and it’s been working out real well. Granted, getting to the likes of Ed Sheeran, Coldplay, U2, Radiohead and more has certainly meant eating at home a lot more.

But if, like me, you’re planning to get away for a spell next year – within Ireland – and you want to book some dates around key food events, then I’ve got you covered. One of the most trafficked parts of Any Given Food was the Irish Food Events & Festivals Calendar, so in starting Ken On Food I couldn’t leave that one behind me.

At time of writing, there’s just over forty events on the list, giving you links to key festivals and dates for the remainder of 2017 and through 2018. This will grow, and you can add yours by emailing ken@kenonfood.com.

Still to come this month you’ve got Savour Kilkenny (in Kilkenny, obviously enough), Oktoberfest Beag in Limerick, and the Burren Food Fayre while November sees the likes of the Cork Chocolate Festival, Whiskey Live and more.

While there’s no Litfest for 2018, Food On The Edge returns along with the West Waterford Food Festival, Wings Food Fest, the Big Grill Festival, A Taste of West Cork and plenty of others.

The Calendar

Take a look at the full (and growing) list of events here – if you spot something to add or something that needs fixing up, shout.