Pancake Tuesday: No brainer, super easy pancake recipe

Any day is good for pancakes, but especially Pancake Tuesday.

Pancakes are not just for Pancake Tuesday.

Contrary to what the makers of pre-made pancake batter, lemon, chocolate spread and more will tell you, it’s perfectly acceptable to have pancakes any day of the week.

Most weekends at Chez Ken On Food, there will be pancakes.

Certainly when guests are involved.

Of late, I’ve been dabbling with my pancake recipes – warming the milk for the batter, changing up flour types, adding a splash of dried yeast and letting the batter sit over night.

Sure enough, you can get as complicated about pancakes as you want, but when Pancake Tuesday lands and you’re in a rush, I go back to a tip from my brother years ago.

It’s a real no-brainer.

Easy Pancake Tuesday Pancake Batter

  • Six heaped tablespoons of flour
  • Add milk and mix

How much milk you add depends on how thick or thin you like your batter.

But it can really be that simple.

Get the pan good and hot, add the batter, away you go. Flip in your own time. You’ve got the easy recipe, so take you’re time in the cooking.

Me, I prefer cream flour. You could use tritamyl/gluten free flour, though the consistency will change and cooking times are a bit longer.

Again, you can complicate things as much as you like but if you’ve never made pancakes before, this is your perfect starting point.

*I find that with his suggestion for “add milk” you might need a mug or two to see you right, with a yield of a dozen pancakes off the back of it.

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