Ken On Food is an Irish food blog publishing articles and podcasts on food in Ireland. Life started as Any Given Food in Kilkenny, Ireland, October of 2010 and was reborn, rebranded, rebooted as Ken On Food in October 2017.

I’m Ken McGuire (that’s me in the picture) and I’ve been writing online since 2004 with the years since spent mixing food, arts, technology, music and sport. I believe that food is the future, that we should act local when it comes to food and that everyone – at some point – needs to get out of their comfort zone when it comes to food.

Starting Any Given Food in 2010 has brought me to festivals and events the length and breadth of the country, provided the opportunity to talk, debate, engage, work, study and travel with food producers, growers, brands, bloggers, writers, podcast, restaurants, planners, and more. Food travels have taken me from Canada to Dubai and the middle east, through London to France, Croatia and home again – each time giving me a notebook full of ideas, content and stories.

Transitioning to Ken On Food (2017), you’ll find those notebooks of stories and conversations coming to life with an Irish focus, covering my own food experiences, food events and festivals to food products, books and recipes. It’ll be fun too – trust me.

Food On The Radio

In something of a slight career change in 2015, I made a move into the digital side of commercial radio and found myself on the broadcast side at the same time. You’ll find me weekdays on KCLR presenting KCLR Drive from 3pm, an afternoon show mixed with entertainment, technology, food and great music. That food content you’ll also be able to access here.


You’ll find the new Ken On Food Podcast available in Apple Podcasts/iTunes and all good podcast outlets from 26 October 2018. The podcast is an ongoing series of food conversations with producers and experts passing through the studio.

How Do You Contact Me?

Let’s say you want to advertise an event or let me know about a product, or let’s say you’ve got something of interest you would like to share with a primarily Irish audience. Let’s say, you simply want to say hello. To get in touch, pop an email and introduce yourself to ken@kenonfood.com or find me on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

These days it is getting harder to travel for weekday events, but I’m always open to the conversation.

Web Traffic

Social numbers you can gather here, here and here – as for traffic, this is a complete restart as of October 2017. The effort is going in, so let’s give it the time. Got a query? Email me.