Podcast #001: Gluts, pickling, lamb and more with Francis Nesbitt

Bell X1 also popped up in conversation.

And so it begins.

I’ve been full time on afternoon radio with KCLR almost two years and in that time, there’s been an awful lot of talk of food. In rebooting food writings for Ken On Food, I’ll be bringing some of the on air conversations to podcast, beginning with a catchup of a conversation I had with Francis Nesbitt in September.

Note, there’ll be a flurry of these over the next day or two, one must play catchup! Skip onto the 3 minute mark if you’re not a fan of Bell X1, then at the 18 minute mark ask yourself why you’re not a fan of Bell X1.

Originally airing on KCLR in September 2017, listen below to catch up on conversations about dealing with gluts of vegetables, talk of pickled courgette, an amazing-tasting apple and courgette cake, things to do with lamb, and how one of Ireland best loved bands came to record one of my favourite albums in Francis’ house. For any recipes mentioned in the podcast, check out croancottages.com.

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